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CDs - Israel, The Land & The People

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Israel in the New Testament - CD Set



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This set covers the whole talk on Israel in the New Testament

"Israel in the New Testament" looks at Matthew, the only Gospel primarily addressed to Jewish Believers. After giving the reasons for this conclusion, this study highlights the verses which speak of the present and future of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The conclusion explores the paradox of mission - Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel but He sent Jews to all the Gentile nations.

At first sight the book of Acts seems to favour ‘Replacement Theology’, the idea that the Church of the New Testament has taken the place of Israel in the Old, as God’s people and agent on earth. It begins in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem and ends in the Gentile metropolis of Rome. The first half concentrates on Peter, apostle to the Jews (with John), the second half focuses on Paul, apostle to the Gentiles. The finale shows Paul transferring his attention from stubborn Jews to sympathetic Gentiles for the third time in Dr. Luke’s record.
But a more careful examination of the relevant scriptures reveals that this switch is temporary, an example of the last coming first and the first last. Two crucial concepts are the Kingdom of Israel (in chapter 1) and the Tabernacle of David (in chapter 15). Both reveal God’s ultimate plan for his chosen people, while his immediate project is for the Jewish apostles to be witnesses of the Jewish messiah to the ends of the earth.

Chapters 9,10 & 11 in Paul’s letter to the Romans have had a ’bad press’. Usually treated as a personal parenthesis, there has been a widespread failure to realize that they are not only integral to the whole epistle but actually form its climax and contain its purpose. Paul corrects developing anti-Semitism and seeds of replacement theologians point to the Jewish rejection of Gospel righteousness in Chapter 10 to justify their claim that the church is now the new Israel of God.
Christian Zionists focus almost exclusively on the salvation of ’all Israel’ in Chapter 11, overlooking ’not all who are descended from Israel are Israel’ Chapter 9.
Chapters 9, 10 & 11 relate to each other and the rest of the letter. They aim to bring a better Biblical balance to the vigorous debate about their present and future significance of Israel, both the State and the people, whether in the land or scattered in others.

Christian Zionists are often accused of ignoring the letter to the Hebrews, with its emphasis on the heavenly Zion rather than the earthly Jerusalem. David Pawson believes that both are integral to God’s plans for the future, demonstrating this from the epistle’s references to Abraham, to whom the land still belongs but who was never at home in it, camping in a tent rather than building a house.

David Pawson explains God’s prophecies covering the Jews and the Land of Israel in the book of Revelation. He describes the apocalyptic Messiah and the Jews’ collective guilt.
He discusses the identity and significance of the pregnant woman and her baby - also the false prophets and Antichrist.
Examining the difference between the earthly and heavenly Jerusalem, he concludes by describing the return of Jesus Christ, the last Battle and the arrival of a new world government

In this study David mounts a counter-attack against Replacement Theologians who have accused Christian Zionists of being very selective about the scriptures they quote to support their beliefs. So he chose Galatians because it is the favourite letter of Replacement Theologians! Thus David adopts an unusual approach to this study by first giving the background to the letter and then covering just four particular texts that are the main ones quoted by the opponents of Christian Zionism. This is a challenging study because the letter seems to be anti-Jewish!


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