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Practising Principles of Prayer - 4. Prayer With The Saints



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Prayer With The Saints
We don’t find prayer easy, but prayer is the vital element in our life as God intended. David Pawson says that Christian prayer is unique and at its heart is conversation with God. Our Father loves us to express our need to Him. David Pawson discusses the privilege of prayer, which he says is practising the presence of God. Jesus is the centre of prayer - His teaching and example, His Blood and His intercession for us and our prayer in His Name. Who and what should we pray for? What was Jesus’ pattern and discipline in prayer? The Spirit shows us how to pray and He prays with us. We can pray with the mind and also at a level deeper than the mind. David Pawson illustrates praying with tears, sighs and using other languages. He concludes by showing how we can receive the gift of praying in another language.


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