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Welcome to DavidPawson.com

David Pawson, FEB 1930 – MAY 2020

David is considered to be one of the world’s finest biblical expositors. Translations of David’s teachings continue to grow with extensive projects currently focused in countries including Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, China and Indonesia, just to name a few.

www.davidpawson.org which provides David’s Audio and Video free to view/stream/download is still very popular and has achieved more than 15m hits since we launched in 2012. David’s Youtube Channel, launched in 2015, has more than 13m views with viewers in almost every country of the world. We now have Spanish, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese and a German Channel.

David was passionate about teaching the Bible and believed every teacher has a responsibility to expound the truth and expose error. He encourages everyone to read the Bible for themselves, not verse by verse but to read each verse in the context in which they were written. Too many people misquote Bible verses by taking them out of context. David teaches that a ''text out of context becomes a pretext’’ to a whole new and wrong meaning to that for which the verse was written.

Best known for his series Unlocking the Bible, David taught that the Bible is not one book but a library of books. Each book is different, written by many different writers. To understand each book of the Bible you need understand firstly ‘Who' wrote the book, and secondly ‘Why' the book was written. In this series David gives us the keys to unlock the Bible for ourselves.

A selection of Davids teachings have been collated into a Christian Discipleship Training series - CLICK HERE or to download this series as individual pdf booklets please go to www.explainingbiblicaltruth.global

He was an advocate that the solution to every situation in life can be found by reading the scriptures.

His ministry continues...

NEW and RECENT - Available NOW!

A Commentary on Isaiah

The book of Isaiah is the whole Bible in miniature. The first 39 chapters reflect the themes of the 39 books in the Old Testament, and the last 27 chapters prefigure the events of the New, from John the Baptist to the new heaven and earth. Yet the prophet lived and died (horribly) centuries before Jesus was born. A miracle in words! Readers are now invited to explore and discover for themselves the message of Isaiah, which is as timely as it is timeless.


A Commentary on The Gospel of Matthew

You see the full character of Christ through the four different portraits in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each of them is painting a different picture – not a contradictory one, but filling it out with a new aspect. Matthew paints the King of the Jews. That is his object. We now suddenly realise why Matthew is the first in the New Testament, even if it was not the first to be written. The answer is that it is the nearest Gospel to the Old Testament, the most Jewish one that picks up the threads of all that has gone before….


A Commentary on Colossians

The author writes: "I am willing to unite with anyone who will preach the 'gospel of Paul' and have fellowship with them. I have been in a Roman Catholic presbytery with a priest, and we spent two hours talking about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we found that we believed the same gospel'' - i.e. the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as preached by Paul.


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A Commentary on the Gospel of MATTHEW



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A Commentary on ISAIAH



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A Commentary on COLOSSIANS



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Loose Leaves from My Bible - 1994 edition



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