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If you would like to support the David Pawson Trust and make a donation towards the continued work, then please do so by entering an amount and clicking the button at the bottom of this page. Alternatively you have the option to give at the checkout.

David Pawson Teaching Trust

The David Pawson Teaching Trust was set up and established by David Pawson as a non profit making trust designed to protect and promote his teaching for future years. Neither David nor his Trustees receive any financial compensation from the activities of his Trust and all donations are used expressly for the defined work of the trust.

David Pawson’s vision is that his teaching library would be made available, to as many as possible around the world, for the lowest possible cost but maintaining the highest quality possible.

In 2011, the Trust started the work of transcribing and translating the Teaching Library into other languages including Mandarin, Spanish, and many other international languages. The Trust also launched a website to use all of Davids audio and video teaching library.

Where possible, it is our intention to make David’s teachings available free of charge in electronic form however a charge will be necessary for physical media e.g. DVDs, CDs and books (including ebooks) as these incur costs for materials and are often produced by third parties i.e recognised book publishers.

The objective of the Trust is to provide free bible teaching to the global church. To achieve that, the Trust needs to perform the following tasks:

David and the Trust have chosen not to build and invest in an organisation to continually make requests to the general public or other sponsors for financial support. The Trust has no full time workers and all of the Trustees support the work on a voluntary basis.

Anchor Recordings manages Davids Ministry on a global level working with Broadcasters, overseas Publishers, and Distributors Anchor also manages Davids various internet platforms including and Davids multi language ‘YouTube’ Channels.

The ministry belongs to God and our principal aim is to listen to His leading and do what He says. The Word of Grace and Truth must be declared for everybody and we would value your prayers to enable us to spread the good news of Redemption in Christ Jesus.

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