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The Challenge of Islam to Christians



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Why is Islam the fastest growing religion?
Could England be a Muslim State?
What is the appeal to men and women?
Is it a simpler and easier religion than Christianity?
What are the fundamental differences between them?
Why must one of them be wrong?
Can Christians prevent Islam spreading?
What is the Christian response to the challenge?
Does Jesus or Mohammed have the last word?
Are Allah and our God one and the same?

David examines Islam and the Christian faith from an unbeliever’s point of view and their impressions of mosque and church. He accepts the challenge Islam faces convinced Christians with, and analyses the challenge we face them with, in the hope of bringing them back from Mohammed to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Islamic Rise
1. Britain’s Spiritual Vacuum
2. Islam’s Attraction
3. Sounding the Alarm

The Christian Response
4. Reality
5. Relationship
6. Righteousness


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