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CDs - God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit

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The True God and The True Gospel



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In this address to students graduating from an international Bible School, David asks what kind of God do we present and what kind of gospel do we preach to a lost world? Most Christian’s today answer in terms of God’s love. Yet there are surprisingly few references to this in the Bible and these invariably are addressed to those already redeemed by His grace. Particularly significant is the absence of any mention in Acts; the only record we have of evangelism in the early church. By contrast, Scripture concentrates on divine goodness and righteousness.
Everything God does is right; He is incapable of doing anything wrong. One day He will put right everything that has gone wrong in His good world, punishing and banishing evil and making a brand new earth and heaven - the ‘home of righteousness’. But can we be a part of this? The good news is that, through the Cross and Resurrection, God offers His own righteousness to us, provided we are willing to repent of our sins and our self- righteousness. Bad people can be made good, sinners can turn into saints, the wicked can become righteous and we can be ‘recycled’ to live in a righteous universe. The world needs to hear about God and the Gospel of righteousness.


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