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CDs - Israel, The Land & The People

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Why Go To Israel - For Her Past, Present or Future?



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Why go to Israel - For her Past, Present or Future?
When anyone says to David Pawson: ’I’ve always wanted to go to Israel’? his immediate response is to ask, why?’ David has been about twenty times but his motives have changed over the years. He goes on to say: At first I went for her past to see where all the Bible events happened. Then I went really interested in her present, after a visit at the end of the six-day war in 1967. I now go every autumn to speak at the Feast of Tabernacles, usually about her future. What other country can you visit to see where things are going to happen (from Armageddon to our Lord’s return to earth)?
I have recently shared all this with a group of Christians in Tonbridge, shortly making their first visit to this fascinating place and people. The recording is ideal for preparing others doing the same but is also useful to interest those who see no point in going and wonder why some Christians are so involved with Israel. And even those who have been and supported Israel will hear many fresh insights into the land and those who live there
Given in Tonbridge on 16th Sept ’08


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