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CDs - Israel, The Land & The People

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God and His People - Jewish and Christian



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God and His People - Jewish & Christian

David Pawson describes God’s dealings with His people, the Jews, from Abraham to the present - their entry into the Land, their huge contribution to the world, but also their persecution and suffering.
If their survival points to there being a God, what does their suffering point to? David discusses the explanation and then compares God’s dealing with the Jews with His dealing with Christians. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same God today. He wants a people on earth to demonstrate His righteousness, as He has always done.
So what is the good news of the Gospel? In the old covenant, God demanded righteousness from His people, but in the new, God gives His righteousness to us!
David concludes by describing the two main barriers to receiving God’s righteousness in our life.

Talk given in Jerusalem in 2005, filmed specially for and by Revelation TV.


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