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CDs - Israel, The Land & The People

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The Jews a Light to the Gentiles - The Gentiles a Light to the Jews



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The Jews - A Light to the Gentiles - David begins this talk by describing the scandal of particularity, the fact that God chose a group of slaves to be his own special people, and didn’t choose all peoples. God’s purpose was that his own people should be a light to the other nations. They were to show his two-fold light: his justice and mercy, that he kills as well as heals, that he curses as well blesses. The history of the Jews is God’s story. God wanted them to be a beautiful people full of his mercy, but because of their stubbornness they became full of his judgment instead. Yet in various ways they did show God’s light to the world, even doubting Thomas made it to India and founded a church that still thrives today. God’s righteousness is the uniting feature of his character. As a People, the Jews are not saved yet, but one day they will be. Then they will show the saving side of God’s character.

Gentiles - A Light to the Jews - For many years the Church has largely ignored mission to the Jews; but should they not hear the Gospel too? The apostle Paul went to Jews first, the Chinese aim to take the Gospel back to Jerusalem, and the Roman Catholic Church is preparing for a second council at Jerusalem! But Christians have 2,000 years of dreadful history to overcome when evangelizing the Jews. At first Christians only had words to defend themselves, but later they gained power and misused it (both Catholics and Protestants). In the end it took two world wars and the Holocaust to get the Jews back to their own land. But God has a strategy for evangelizing the Jews and we should follow that. David suggests that ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles has reached a plateau in its impact, and that perhaps it is time to move on to the next stage.


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