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The Five Covenants of God



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The God of the Bible is a covenant making and a covenant keeping God. But what is a covenant and how does it differ from a contract? How many covenants has God made with humans? How many of these apply to Christians today? These are crucial questions for the interpretation and application of Scripture. The Bible is divided into two testaments, another word for covenants. Does this mean the Old Testament is only of historical interest to disciples of Jesus? What about the Ten Commandments? … and the other six hundred and three given to Moses? Some of the major differences in the Church go back to the different answers given to these questions. For example, whether baptism should be of babies or believers, whether priests, altars, vestments and incense should be used in worship, whether remarriage is permissible after divorce and whether we should work a six-day week
By His covenants of grace, the Lord has bound Himself to us and bound us to Himself. That is the heart of biblical revelation and Godly living. Given at IHOP Kansas in 2009.


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