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CDs - Israel, The Land & The People

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Israel in the New Testament - Romans



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Chapters 9,10 & 11 in Paul’s letter to the Romans have had a ’bad press’.
Usually treated as a personal parenthesis, there has been a widespread failure to realize that they are not only integral to the whole epistle but actually form its climax and contain its purpose. Paul corrects developing anti-Semitism and seeds of ’replacement theologians point to the Jewish rejection of Gospel righteousness in Chapter 10 to justify their claim that the church is now the new Israel of God. Christian Zionists focus almost exclusively on the salvation of ’all Israel’ in Chapter 11, overlooking ’not all who are descended from Israel are Israel’ Chapter 9. Chapters 9, 10 & 11 relate to each other and the rest of the letter. They aim to bring a better Biblical balance to the vigorous debate about their present and future significance of Israel, both the State and the people, whether in the land or scattered in others.


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