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CDs - Other Topical Teachings

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Singapore and Indonesia 2013 (21 CDs)



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22 CDs






The following talks David gave during his trip to Singapore and Indonesia in August 2013

The Biblical Covenants (1-3)
Exposing Error: Grace as unconditional forgiveness
Expounding Truth: Grace as undeserved favour
Preparing your Church for Suffering
The Biblical Attitude to Work
The Righteousness of God
The Uniqueness of Christ
The Biblical Attitude to Money
The Character of God
End Times - Matthew chapter 24-25
Prepare for Suffering
The Word of God 1. Paul’s Letter to The Romans
The Word of God 2. Romans 11 - Sixteen Surprises
Building A New Testament Church (1-2)
Divorce and Remarriage
The Biblical Covenants (1-3) (second talk)


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