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DVDs - Unlocking the Bible

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Unlocking the Old & New Testament DVD Set



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In this series, the Old and New Testaments are explored with a view to answering one simple question: why was this book written? In each case there is a human answer (the immediate situation) and a divine answer (the ultimate purpose). Both prove to be the keys to unlock each book for the interested reader. ’’The Bible has become a new book for me’’ is the typical response from viewers, and these videos are the fruit of forty years of studying and teaching the bible by David Pawson. The teaching is divided into sections, each lasting about forty minutes. They are good for personal study as well as group discussion in your church or fellowship..

Also available as a book: Unlocking The Bible

Most of the DVDs have a running time of about 80 mins. but do vary between 60 and 120 mins depending on the length of the study.

A book of all the charts used in the series is available to accompany the DVD and CD sets UNLOCKING THE BIBLE - Charts, diagrams and images Free PDF available on request


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